The Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2019

An Expert Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Male Enhancement PillsThere are TONS of male enhancement pills floating around the Internet and it seems like there’s an ad for a new one on every page. The real question though, and the only one that matters, is whether or not any of them work.

Let’s face it. Things don’t always work the way they used to – like back when we were teenagers and getting it to stay down was the problem. Lately it seems like my plumbing has some major problems and it’s only getting worse.

There’s nothing like finally getting her in the mood and having to disappoint her with a soft dick that won’t get up. It’s embarrassing and totally kills any chance at a good time.

If you get where I’m coming from, you’re not alone. You don’t have to accept a crappy sex life as part of your fate and I’ll tell you why. There ARE male enhancement pills that actually work to give you bigger, better erections.

They are easy to get, won’t give you horrible side effects, will increase your size and make you hard as a rock. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to giving her mind blowing sex again and have her screaming for more.

Before you get too excited, you have to know that you won’t get the same results from just any old pill. Make sure you spend your hard earned money on the right stuff if you want any real chance at turning your sex life around.

Why should you listen to me or trust what I have to say? Because I’m just a regular guy who’s struggled for years with erection problems and run through the gauntlet of male enhancement pills.

I know what works and what doesn’t work. For the sake of good sex, I’m here to share what I’ve learned.

Hi, I’m Billy and I created this website to talk about the top rated male enhancement pills. I’ll go over the top 5 best products based on my personal experience using these supplements.

If you don’t see a specific brand listed here, it’s either because 1) I’ve used it and didn’t get results or 2) I haven’t used it yet. There might be better brands out there but I’m only going over the ones that worked for me.

I’m always open to recommendations too and if it’s really good, I’ll add it to my list. But honestly, I’ve tried the most popular ones and gotten some great results. Here’s a look at my list of top 5 best male enhancement products.

Here’s Your Expert Buyer’s Guide To The Best Male Enhancement Pills Available in 2019

Best Male Enhancement PillsWhen it comes to taking dick pills, you won’t always get the results you’re looking for. Trust me, there are tons of scams out there that make big claims but never deliver. People will say anything to make a buck and steal your money without thinking twice.

A lot of these natural pills claim to give you instant results too. That’s just impossible. Any natural pill that actually works is a daily supplement and takes time to kick in. The pills won’t give you permanent gains but as long as you keep up the regimen, you’ll stay bigger in erection size.

I’ve went to great lengths to personally test each one of the products on this list to see if they actually gave any results. First, I’ll go over my favorite products and then I’ll answer the most common questions people have in an FAQ section.

The only products I’ve included in my list actually gave me physical results. I saw bigger erections that were harder and helped me last longer without any scary side effects. Without making you wait any longer, here’s a closer look at my top product.

#1 – Max Performer

Max Performer BoxMax Performer is a male enhancement pill that contains a natural blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals. This supplement contains ingredients from all over the world that have helped treat reproductive health.

Along with bigger erections that are easier to achieve, you’ll get other benefits like increased energy too.

The Specs:

* Horny goat weed – Also named epimedium and contains icariin, which works like Viagra

* Maca – Used for centuries in Peru, maca increases stamina, strength and helps boost libido and fertility

* Cordyceps – A mushroom extract from the Himalayas that boosts blood flow to your penis to help you achieve larger erections

* Red Ginseng – Improves performance by boosting sexual desire and increasing endurance

* Bioperene – A black pepper extract that helps your body naturally absorb the other ingredients in this supplement

* Selenium – A natural antioxidant that keeps your cells healthy, helps you relax and reduces anxiety

* Zinc – Helps increase testosterone levels naturally for a higher sperm count and stronger ejaculations

The Good:

Max Performer is a natural blend of ingredients that helps increase erection size.

“My wife and I hadn’t had sex in years. After a few months on Max Performer, we couldn’t believe the difference in erection size and how hard my erections got.” -James L.

The Bad:

It took a little longer to see any physical changes than some of the other products on this list but the results were worth the wait.

The Bottom Line:

Max Performer is perfect for anyone looking to achieve the best results for a stronger, harder erection. Because this product is a daily supplement, some patience is required.

Physical changes didn’t happen as quickly as some other products but Max Performer gave the best overall results without any serious negative side effects.

“I started having a difficult time getting an erection and knew I needed some help. Luckily a friend recommended Max Performer to me. It definitely helped me feel like my old self again.” -Brandon J.

Where/How To Buy Max Performer:

You can buy Max Performer directly from the manufacturer for the freshest, most potent product available.

A 1 month supply of 60 tablets is only $69 and comes with free worldwide shipping. If you want to save some cash, buy a bigger supply of 2 months for $138 or 6 months for $200.

That could mean a savings of over 50%! The manufacturer also offers a risk free 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you. Simply send back any unused product for a full refund.

Their stellar guarantee makes it so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Check out my Max Performer Review for more information.

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#2 – Male Extra

Male Extra

Male Extra uses natural ingredients backed by clinical studies to help enhance male sexual performance.

The innovative blend of ingredients help to produce stronger erections and increase sexual desire for better performance in bed.

The Specs:

* L-Arginine – An amino acid that converts into nitric oxide in your body to enhance performance and produce better, stronger erections

* Pomegranate – Effectively boosts blood circulation and increases blood flow to the penis for more powerful erections

* Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – A form of sulphur that supports new cell growth and tissue health for bigger, firmer erections

* L-Methionine – An amino acid that helps reduce histamine levels, leading to increased endurance and delayed ejaculation

* Zinc – An essential mineral that aids in raising testosterone levels naturally for increased sperm count and an enhanced libido

* Cordyceps – A natural aphrodisiac that increases sex drive and enhances desire

* Niacin – Improves blood vessel health for better blood flow and decreased fatigue

The Good:

Male Extra is a male enhancement pill that gives some stellar results in a pretty short amount of time. There were no scary side effects and I saw desired results fairly quickly.

“My Male Extra results showed better overall health and higher testosterone, which meant better erections that were hard. Wife was happy and so was I.” Barry O.

The Bad:

One of the ingredients actually makes it harder to achieve orgasm and delays ejaculation, which may be good for some people but not for others.

The Bottom Line:

Male Extra is best for anyone looking to achieve bigger, harder erections who may also have problems with ejaculation control.

“I’ve always struggled with premature ejaculation. Male Extra has allowed me to satisfy my partner until she’s finished before I cum. Sex has gotten way better!” Jeff N.

Where/How To Buy Male Extra:

Purchase Male Extra directly from the manufacturer for the best deal. A 1-month supply costs $64.95. To save, buy a larger supply of 4 months for $197.95 or 6 months for $249.90.

With the 4 and 6 month packages, you’ll also receive free erection gel. Shipping is free and every order comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the product for any reason, just send it back for a full refund.

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#3 – VigRX Plus

VigRX PlusVigRX Plus is a potent male enhancement supplement that is supported with clinical research and contains ingredients proven to give results. This pill increases erection frequency, firmness and overall endurance.

The Specs:

* Damiana – A natural aphrodisiac used by the ancient Mayans, this plant extract increases nerve impulses for better sensation and blood flow to the penis

* Epimedium – A leaf extract that encourages natural testosterone production

* Asian Red Ginseng – An ancient Chinese aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire and improves sexual endurance

* Muira Palma Bark – Used in Brazil, this extract improves sexual sensations and increases libido

* Hawthorn Berry – This ingredient stimulates blood flow and strengthens blood vessels for prolonged erections

* Catuaba Bark Extract – Increases energy, reduces fatigue and lowers anxiety for enhanced sexual function

* Saw Palmetto – Enhances testosterone pathways for improved ejaculations and higher sperm count

* Ginkgo Biloba – An antioxidant that aids in nerve function and better health for a higher quality erection

* Bioperene – A black pepper extract that increases how much your body absorbs of the other ingredients found in the supplement

The Good:

VigRX Plus doesn’t lose effectiveness over time like some other products do, even if you take it for a long time.

“I’ve taken VigRX for a few years and it still works even though they’ve added some new ingredients. Hopefully, they never stop making it!” Francis V.

The Bad:

The manufacturers suggest you try the product for 84 days for best results but their money-back guarantee only lasts for 67 days. This product may not work for everyone so a stronger guarantee would add confidence in their product.

The Bottom Line:

VigRX Plus is best for someone looking to improve their sexual performance and plans on taking one product for the long term. It’s also best suited for someone who has realistic expectations as results may take awhile to appear.

“I used to spend a lot of time worrying about performing during sex, but not since I’ve discovered VigRX. It’s changed my entire sex life.” Don R.

Where/How To Buy VigRX Plus:

The best place to buy VigRX Plus without getting ripped off is directly from the manufacturer. That way, it guarantees the product is legitimate and not expired.

A 1-month supply costs $76.99. To save some money, purchase more.

A 3-month supply is $205.99, 6 months for $384.99 and a 1 year supply is $489.99 for a savings of $589.89!

They offer free global shipping and remember, there is a 67 day money back guarantee. That’s less than your cable bill for an improved sex life. Well worth it!

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#4 – Semenax

SemenaxSemenax is a male enhancement supplement that helps increase orgasm intensity and duration. It also increases sperm count and ejaculation for powerful love making.

Semenax makes it easier to achieve an erection and increases the firmness and size of your erections. Their proprietary blend includes natural ingredients and amino acids.

The Specs:

* L-Arginine – Boosts the production of nitric oxide in your body to support blood vessels and increase blood flow.

* Muira Palma – Increases sexual desire and improves libido for better sexual performance and enhanced sexual experiences

* L-Lysine – An essential amino acid that increases penis size and gives firmer erections

The Good:

Semanax makes it easy to get the best orgasm of your life by enhancing how long and powerful they are. You’ll also have better erections so your partner will feel the difference too.

“Semenax gave me the best orgasm of my entire life. I blasted into her like never before!” Jake G.

The Bad:

This supplement doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in regards to endurance or orgasm control. For those of you who have problems with premature ejaculation, there may be a better product for you.

The Bottom Line:

This pill is best for men who want to experience stronger orgasms and see a difference in size and firmness of their erections. If endurance is a concern, another product may work better instead as Semenax didn’t seem to have an effect.

“I was able to maintain an erection long enough to have great sex for the first time in years. My wife hasn’t looked at me like that in ages. Semenax is a godsend.” Jerry R.

Where/How To Buy Semenax:

Buying Semenax is easy. The best place to make sure you’re getting quality products is directly from the manufacturer.

A 1-month supply is $59.99 plus shipping. Save $25 with a 3-month supply and save $70 with a 6-month supply. A 1 year supply of Semenax is $399.95 for a total savings of $319.

If you are unhappy with the product or it doesn’t work for you, get a full refund from their 60-day money back guarantee. Trying is risk-free and could change your sex life and restore your confidence in bed.

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#5 – Prosolution Plus

Prosolution PlusProsolution Plus derives their male enhancement formula from Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicines. Their powerful blend works to provide improved erectile quality and ejaculation control.

Taking Prosolution Plus regularly improves overall sexual health and function, leading to better sexual satisfaction.

The Specs:

* Tribulus Terrestris – A Chinese aphrodisiac that increases pressure to aid in erectile difficulties

* Withania Somnifera – Increases the production of nitric oxide in the body for improved blood flow to the penis

* Asparagus Adscendens – Helps reduce stress for a relaxed mood and reduces inflammation for better overall sexual health

* Mucuna Pruriens – Increases erection frequency and enhances sexual pleasure

* Asteracantha Longifolia – Improves libido and increases attraction to sexual partners

* Curculigo Orchioides – Prompts episodes of sexual frequency and reduces anxiety

* Asphaltum – Rich in antioxidants and restores health and function to male sexual reproduction systems

The Good:

Prosolution Plus is doctor supported and works to provide better erections and more ejaculation control. It’s been clinically tested for effectiveness and works for a lot of people.

“Prosolution works and my girlfriend agrees. It costs less per month than a date at the movies so that’s a huge bonus.” Sean C.

The Bad:

Overall, Prosolution Plus works for a lot of people but I hear often that the effects tend to wear off for some. It must be the how the ingredients interact with individual body chemistry so it’s a gamble to see if it works long term for you.

The Bottom Line:

Prosolution Plus is best for guys who are willing to try a product that doesn’t always work for everyone in the long run. If it works for you though, it will give you great results.

“I used Prosolution Plus when I decided to get back into the dating game and things weren’t working the way they used to. It helped give me the confidence I needed to start seeing someone again.” Jerry Y.

Where/How To Buy Prosolution Plus:

Make sure you get Prosolution Plus directly from the manufacturer so you don’t get scammed out of money or sent fake or expired pills.

A 1-month supply costs $69.95. You can save $74.90 with a 3-month supply that costs $164.95. Or opt for a 6-month supply for $299.95.

The best value is choosing a 1-year supply for $429.95. That’s less than $36 a month! You can’t even get a cell phone for that price anymore.

They also have a stellar 60-day money back guarantee. You can send the containers back to them for a full refund if you are unhappy for any reason, even if they’re empty.

Try out Prosolution Plus for more powerful erections and start enjoying your sex life again.

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Are These Male Enhancement Pills Safe For Your Health?

The products I’ve recommended on this website contain natural herbs, minerals and vitamins that are safe for most people to take. The best products have support from clinical studies and are reviewed by medical experts.

But anytime you start a new supplement, your body may react negatively to it. If you experience any symptoms or negative side effects, make sure to consult with your doctor right away.

Do These Pills Actually Work To Give Better Erections?

Most of the ingredients in these male enhancement pills have been studied by clinical trials and offer evidence that they do work as claimed.

If you want to make sure you have the best results, try to include regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and reducing stress as part of your regular routine.

How Long Do The Pills Take To Start Working?

Male enhancement pills are not instant solutions. As with any daily supplement, it may take some time to work. Often times, it may take several months before you see noticeable results.

But with patience and commitment to taking supplements daily, you can experience increased blood flow, erection size and firmness. These results may change if you decide to stop taking your supplements.

For lasting results, it’s best to continue taking a regular regimen of male enhancement pills. The product that gave me the best results was Max Performer and was my top choice for many reasons. If you’re looking for harder erections, more endurance and more control, make sure you check out Max Performer.

Click here to read the full Max Performer Review and get yours today!

Prosolution Plus